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Tiny Ticklers are for enjoyment and for sharing.   They are eight-page booklets, 4 1/4 x 2 3/4 inches, and usually can be included with a greeting card for no additional postage. They are original, inspiring stories or poetry, that will invariably bring a smile to your face at the conclusion. They retail for $1 each. Sales tax is computed at 9%. Shipping $.60 each. 
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The Stray - What's a good name for a cat that shows up and hijacks food and affection?

A Walk Through the Seasons
- Remember last summer?   Time flies and spring will be here soon.

Happiness on a Shoestring
- Life's wisdom softly lights the life of a single mother and her child.

Who Can Resist?
- Just when you think you have enough beloved pets.....

Friends and Lovers
- The connection to others - both friends and life-partner - is the quiet strength of a loving couple.

As Luck Would Have It
- A loving couple - both interested in making the other happy - find an unexpected answer to a "time crunch" situation.

A Plan for the Future
- Getting a perspective and encouragement from this motivational ode can help a person see problems and the future more clearly.

Thank You, Mother
- A tribute to mothers, that speaks of love - and cuts children some slack.

Don't Tell Dad
- Young brothers vie for "top position," and draw their little sister into the fray.

The Squirrel In My Tree
- Look out the window, and watch the antics of a gray squirrel - that knows you're watching!

Truth, Trust, Love - Trusting yourself to know what is true clears the way for rewarding love.

Live and Learn
- Life on the run? The ability to see the future clearly improves with age.

A Breathtaking Day - Sometimes what occurs is far better than what was sought!

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