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Quick-Reads are insightful, fast-paced, fiction stories in 32-page booklets, 4 1/4 x 5 1/2 inches in   size. Less than an ounce. They will fit in the envelope with most greeting cards (using only one extra first-class stamp). They are enjoyable, and illustrate thoughtful, responsible actions by characters in everyday situations. They retail for $3.99 each.
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Your Heart Knows The Truth  -  This is a fast-paced heart-warming story by Diane H. Davis, wherein an untimely death sets the stage for new love - and the resulting intergenerational strife and anguish. Witness a loving and thoughtful approach to a difficult (yet understandable) situation, that results in a surprise ending. Be amazed by the characters as they remain loving toward their elders. Don't miss this one, you won't find it on TV! Rings true. (Vol. I)

A Breath of like Really Fresh Air  -  Good teens will make poor choices, totally frustrating their elders. Shaylin has a bad teen attitude, but an aunt-like neighbor, Edith, takes a loving interest in her anyway. A weekend together finds Edith tested on her (emerging) parenting skills, and Shaylin (apparently) frustrated to the max. The author, Diane H. Davis, brings this inner and outer journey to a climax at the top of a mountain - where you can see forever. You will feel refreshed and, like Shaylin, believe anything is possible!  

A Good, Great, Grand Mother's Day  -  Like mother, like daughter, like granddaughter? Not necessarily. Follow the lives of strong, determined women as they meet some of life's and love's most challenging situations - distance, death and divorce. The author, Diane H. Davis, skillfully leads you through eighteen years - giving you a glimpse into intergenerational family dynamics of love through the years - where patience and understanding are stretched to the breaking point. Is it possible for love to endure? Do strong women a strong family make? Will strength allow for tolerance and social changes within the family?

A Father's Natural High  -  Take a horseback ride for a good view - and amazing insights will appear! That's what happens for Jim and Jim Sr. as they grapple for a way to reunite their families. This fictional story by Diane H. Davis is a stand-alone sequel to "Your Heart Knows the Truth," and highlights the good common sense of the men in the family. Witness a power-shift in a loving marriage that will lead you to a new understanding of the importance of family - in an intergenerational context - and help you better see reasons for being kind and patient with loved-ones. You'll enjoy visiting this fictional family! (Vol. II)

Mend a Broken Heart - Grieving the loss of a loved one is normal. It is expected by family and friends. But how long is too long? What role can family members play in helping someone who is "stuck"? When Sue tragically loses her married daughter, how long will her family stand by as she struggles before giving her a nudge in the right direction? Author Diane H. Davis skillfully tells a story that allows you to see how a family is able to support each individual in grief for the long haul - without tearing the family apart. (Vol. III)

A Smile of Love Says More Than Words - Distance and death can shatter a family, and a large intergenerational one has special challenges. Three sisters, with seven children between them, recognize the importance of communication and logistics planning - and of being able to adjust to unexpected developments. Set in the wine county of northern California, you will be delighted by the unexpected events that befall these three sisters. Author Diane H. Davis weaves a tale of love that will make you smile! (Vol. IV)

Bring Heart Back into Christmas - Fun! Fun! Fun! This is a perfect little book to share with a friend or read to children. This collection of thirteen origional short stories and poems will warm your heart and tickle your funny bone.
    "We love our pets, friends and family," says author Diane H. Davis, "and the joy they bring us is often humorous or touching - or both." This the the best little stocking stuffer ever, and is an easy way to pile on love and laughter any time of year or at any gathering - stress be gone! 

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