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Retail Outlets
There arefour types of Retail Outlets:
1. Current Feature Outlets
2.Full Retail Outlets
3.Country Story Outlets
4. Bound Book Outlets
In addition, you can order directly from Davis Publishing. Go to "Ordering Info" for details on how.
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Current FeatureOutlets

A_Good,_Great,_Grandmother%27s_DayThe Current Feature is A Good, Great, Grand Mother's DaybyDiane H. Davis. It runs until May 20th, 2014.


Andy's Market 1691 Gravenstein Hwy N. (707) 823-8661

Santa Rosa

E-Z Stop Market & Deli 1117 Sebastopol Rd. (707) 545-4272

Dave's Market #3 320 W. 3rd St. (707) 542-8333

Rohnert Park

The UPS Store 6366 Commerce Blvd. (707) 586-1180

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