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                            Community Outreach Program 
                                         Group Classes

    Affordable Classes: Small-group classes are taught on the topics listed below. These two-hour, pencil-in-hand workshops are geared toward drawing out latent abilities using brain-storming techniques. Call class leader Diane at 707-664-8656 to register your interest or sign up. Nominal fees support the Outreach Program.

    Rhyme Time: For parent and child (ages 7 -10). Walk through some basics about rhyming, and create a "group" poem using brain-storming techniques. Then each parent/child team creates an individual poem. Class length is two hours. Materials and refreshments provided. Cost per parent/child team $15.

    Creating Fun Poetry: For tween or teen (and parent). Read examples of short poems that make you smile. Then brain-storm a "group-created" poem. Then each person creates a poem. Creating and sharing FUN in a small-group setting (with a leader) brings out the best in everyone. Two hours. Materials and refreshments provided. Cost per person $10.

    Improving Your Luck: For parents and teens. Lucky people who get good results are usually "quietly working behind the scenes." What are the traits "lucky" people share? Class leader Diane explaines how small choices add up over time - creating the future. Two hours. Materials and refreshments provided. Cost per person $10.

    Renew Faith - In Yourself: For parents and teens. Learn ways to organize the "clutter" in your mind by recognizing the bad boys, the evil twins and roadbumps. Find out what the areas and cornerstones of life are. You'll be surprised how simple a quality life is - one you really enjoy. Two hours. Materials and refreshments provided. Cost per person $10.

    Speaking Engagements: Author (and Publisher) Diane H. Davis will come to you either as a class teacher or a speaker. Classes will be adjusted to meet your groups needs, and speaking engagements will be adjusted for length/content. All fees are reasonable and go toward supporting Davis Publishing's Outreach Program. Call Diane to discuss dates, times and group interest/goals, 707-664-8656.

                                               Up-Coming Classes                  

   None are currently scheduled. Call Diane to set up a private class of your friends.

Rhyme Time is fun. Mason Stalder is a sixth grader in Rohnert Park. He is a smart guy, and enjoyed the class taught by Diane.

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