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  The Authors, and Davis Publishing Management


   Diane H. Davis has a background in nonprofit and business management. In 2008 she established Davis Publishing. Her insightful fiction and self-help topics are intended to inspire people to strive for better lives. They are drawn from experience, observation, and research. She has authored twenty-two books and thirteen ticklers.
   Diane's motto is "Life should make you smile."

   Hank Mattimore began a life of service studying to become a Catholic preist in the early 1950's. In 1971 he realized he wanted more - to find a woman to love and marry and to raise a family. He has never lost faith. Hank has lived and served as a surrogate grandfather at A Children's Village in Santa Rosa, California, that opened in August of 2006.
   He is the author of four books: The Priest Who Couldn't Cheat (2004), Life's a Growin' Thing: Ya Grows or Ya Dies (2006), Grandpa to a Children's Village (2010), and Legacy of the Heart                                    (2010). His wisdom and generosity shine throughout his works. 

Louise J. Belle, J.D., M.B.A., is an attorney with 17 years of experience in the California courts, including 10 years as a judicial staff research attorney in Bay Area civil trial courts. She currently teaches at Golden Gate University School of Law in San Francisco, and Empire College School of Law in Santa Rosa. She resides in Sebastopol, California. 

Alan Edwards was raised in Sonoma County, California, graduated from Santa Rosa High and attended Santa Rosa Junior College. He is an author of Blue Dharma, The Story of Anaiyailla (2008) and Ever Hopeful (2023).



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