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Self-Helpers are compact, conversational-style booklets discussing topics of general interest in 32 pages, 4 1/4 x 5 1/2 inches in size. They weigh less than an ounce, and will fit into the envelope with most greeting cards (using only one extra first-class stamp). Easy to read, they will provide good ideas. Retail $3.99 each.
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Buck Up!   Find Backbone and Fortitude to Save Your House, Deal With Clueless Teens
This unique self-help booklet by Diane H. Davis is loaded with sage advice and a common-sense approach to a time-sensitive situation - you've lost your income  (or expenses have drastically increased). Quick income is necessary to save your house, credit history, dignity, sense of self-worth, sanity. And teenagers are, well, teenagers! The clock is ticking, so get started with these creative ideas - you could beat the odds and save everything!

The Portal of Time - Decisions impact life - for good or bad outcomes. Help yourself learn to make decisions that will serve up good results. Poor decisions cost dearly, according to the author Diane H. Davis, who goes on to say "most people think of time as free, but it is so much more." Every decision is important, and time wasted is time lost, and when it's gone, it's gone for good (or bad). This self-helper will have you feeling empowered to take charge of the trajectory of your life, to guide it in the direction you want. 

The Link Between Politics & Religion In the United States - The USA offers freedom of religion and opportunities to succeed, so no wonder people want to migrate here - even though we are struggling with red states and blue states. Self-help author Diane H. Davis says there is still a chance to end the rhetoric and polarization of viewpoints with a resurgence of collective optimism. Learn how we could reverse the current trend of pitting us against each other and how simple it actually could be. We are the people, and we govern by the people, for the people - and we VOTE.

Chasing Fun and Easy Is Dangerous - Everyone wants life to be fun and easy - not difficult - and will even tolerate boring employment if easy. Life goes on, clear to the end. The author, Diane H. Davis, says pursuing immediate gratification while ignoring the future is a trap that ends with discontentment and self-loathing. This self-helper includes The Ten Recommendments for help in building a life leading to deep-felt contentment and joy - a life worth striving for.

Lucky Is As Lucky Does  -  Can someone learn to be lucky? The author, Diane H. Davis, believes so, and walks you through the common character traits that lucky and successful people exhibit, making a strong case that a person can positively impact their "luck potential." This easy-to-read self-help booklet is filled with logical information, and will get your ideas flowing to have lady luck smile your way.  

Renew Faith In Yourself  -  In this easy-to-read, logical self-help booklet, you will be encouraged to take heart and be all you can be. You are shown a simple strategy for organizing the "clutter" in your mind in a way that's easy to remember. The author, Diane H. Davis, suggests a "renewal holiday" every year around Easter as a means of keeping your life on track - in a direction that will lead to peace and happiness. And who doesn't want to feel happy?

Becoming Rich In Today's Economy - Can someone choose to become rich? The possibility of bcoming rich is available to all - here in the USA - even during an economic downturn.  According to author Diane H. Davis, the two-part process of becoming rich is a journey as exciting as commanding a starship! This quick-reading self-helper will guide you through life's battlefield, discussing love and money, time and feelings, power, hope, control and influence - to help you "catch the vision" of how you can get off the treadmill and onto the path to richness.

Put A Twinkle Back In Your Eye - Now is a perfect time to look inward and make a plan to carry yourself into the good future you've always wanted. The author, Diane H. Davis, points out common obstacles to having a spring in your step and a smile on your face, making the case that "anyone can learn to enjoy their journey in life." Begin to sprinkle love around (without the whole process taking every last drop of your energy) and get back that twinkle in your eye!

Fall Blues Be Gone - Every fall it happens - out-of-control feelings of dread and sadness. You hate the apprehension of dealing with extended family, or of having no social life. Author Diane H. Davis helps cut through what the underlying problem might be behind all the stress, and offers good ideas for overcoming the blues - saying the fall season is a "perfect storm of changes" you can weather with knowledge and forethought, to regain weeks of good living!

Happiness Is a Choice - After run-ins, conflicts, set-backs and lots of disappointment, many people live in suspense, wondering what's going to happen next? The treadmill of life leaves little time for contemplation.
    Author Diane H. Davis offers insight on how to get to the heart of the matter - enabling you to end confusion and catch a vision of how easy a rewarding life can actually be - saying everyone can make a couple of simple adjustments when they understand the payoffs! 

Legacy Of the Heart - Leave a legacy of love for your loved ones. This quick reference has the basics of writing your own Spiritual Will - a document that deals with your values rather than your valuables.
   Hank Mattimore, the author, covers the benefits and obstacles, then offers samples and examples to help you get started, saying, "We are much more than our possessions - a Spiritual Will makes that very clear." He goes on, "Think of it as a 'love letter' from you to your children and those persons who meant the most to you in life."

To Sue or Not to Sue - "Fine! I'll see you in Court!" Angry words spoken in haste can turn your life into a protracted nightmare - instead of a pot of gold and vindication.
   To Sue or Not to Sue is an entertaining primer on the factors to consider before rushing into litigation. The author, attorney L.J. Belle of Sonoma County, California, has years of court and civil trial experience, as well as teaching at two laws schools.
   Real life examples, alternatives to suing, and the list of resources make this a "must have" reference book for deciding whether to sue or not to sue!

 Finding Keepers - Are you, or someone you know, searching for a "special" someone? Have you made poor choices in your past? If so, this self-helper will provide valuable insight and restore hope.
   Finding Keepers is not your typical advice book about finding love. It is for the young and old, the guys or the gals, the gays or the straights, because it delves into the underlying compatibility issues.   Diane H. Davis breaks down the search process into components easy to understand and to remember, boosting your confidence in yourself and in the liklihood of a good future - one you'll enjoy!

A Lucky Good Life - In this fast-reading self-help primer, see how easy it would be to change the course of life by simply beginning to look at things differently. According to author Diane H. Davis, "We are what we think." Having good luck and a wonderful life can happen by studying, thinking about, then practicing behaviors exhibited by successful people. Over time, the unfamiliar becomes the new normal, and better results are served up - making for a better life!

Post 9-11 Pride, Freedom - Freedom - Freedom - Scary times. So many changes occurring here and worldwide. When our neighbors are losing their homes and  hundreds of people apply for ONE job, what are we to think?
    What IS happiness, anyway? Suze Orman says we can get joy from saving instead of spending. Oprah says to focus on what we have, not what we've lost or don't have. Garth Brooks says, no matter who we voted for, let's all pull together and be a nation.  Author Diane H. Davis says, "We are the United States of America, and we are THE PEOPLE". Find out why we will rescue ourselves, no matter what Washington does!

Ever Hopeful - Does it seem like feeling secure and content in life is always just one step ahead - like a grasshopper you can't catch? And frustration only adds to the stress! "Our world has become confusing - filled with bad info and misguided ideas about how to live life," says author Alan Edwards. Freedom in the United States makes for ideal circumstances to learn how our "wheel" (life - the world) works and why it works, so we don't waste time and energy trying to reinvent it.
    Learning to think for ourselves with an appreciation of the past (what HAS worked and what DOESN'T) will turn confusion into confidence for making good decisions - ushering in happiness with a reminder to be ever hopeful for a good life. 

Build Your She-Shed Without Any He-Help - Life has a way of sneaking up on you. When all seems well, suddenly it's over the top. Not enough space, too many demands on time, and way too much noise. As if an unseen line was crossed.
    "Finding the answer," says author Diane H. Davis, "may be easier than you think." There are some basic behaviors that tend to nudge people to make changes - without anyone thinking you are an ogre. Everyone deserves some peace and quiet, this book points the way. No yelling, no divorce and you don't abandon anyone. You just have to be smart.

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