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 Bound Books  The subject matter is similar to other publications - self help and insightful fiction - to help you have a full and rewarding life!
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Help Yourself To A Better Life!  -  It's real basic - what you do today becomes what you get tomorrow. Ideas are the backbone for a solid, winning strategy that will lead you into the future you want.
Author Diane H. Davis has packed this book with practical approaches drawn from experience, research and observation. Humor, metaphores and simple exercises aid in remembering what's important - enabling you to become lucky, live richly and be confident of the future.
     Today is a good day to begin. It's the little things each day that add up to make a big, big difference.
     Retail $14.95. Available at Bound Book Outlets or directly from Davis Publishing by adding 9% sales tax and $2.50 Shipping. Davis Publishing, P.O. Box 600, Penngrove, CA 94951

Country Love Lifts the Heart High  -  In Vol. One, Your Heart Knows the Truth,  an untimely death sets the stage for new love - and the resulting intergenerational strife and anguish. A loving, thoughtful approach to a difficult, yet understandable, situation unfolds in the wine country of northern California, where pasture lands have given way to vistas of vineyards.
     Four years later, in Vol. Two, A Father's Natural High, a power-shift in a mature marriage allows the good common sense of the men in the family to shine, lighting the way to emotionally reunite the families. Author Diane H. Davis takes you on a horseback ride high in the mountains, where the view brings into focus the rewards of being kind and patient with loved-ones - the big picture in life!
     In Vol. Three, Mend a Broken Heart, see how an extended family pulls together to help a grieving grandmother find her way to recovery - and to love again.
     In Vol. Four, A Smile of Love Says More Than Words, distance and death can shatter  a family, and a large intergenerational one has special challenges. Three sisters, with seven children between them, recognize the importnce of communications and logistics planning - and of being able to adjust to unexpected developments. You will be delighted by the enexpected events that befall these three sisters.
     Retail $18.95, available at Country Story Outlets or directly from Davis Publishing by adding 9% sales tax and $2.50 shipping.  Davis Publishing, P.O. Box 600, Penngrove, CA 94951

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