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Submission Guidelines

   The motto of Davis Publishing is, "Life should make you smile!"
   The mission of Davis Publishing is to bring helpful information, that promotes responsible behavior, to ordinary people in an interesting and entertaining manner. 
   The slogan of Davis Publishing is, "A happy community, where neighbor helps neighbor, is a good place to live."
   The philosophy of Davis Publishing is that a society is shaped by the individuals that comprise it, and that every person has valuable insight and hard-won knowledge on at least one topic regarding "living" that could benefit others - making for a better community.
   The saying at Davis Publishing is, "It's not work if you're having fun!"

   From the Publisher: If you have something to share that you believe would benefit a lot of people, please send an inquiry letter outlining your idea. Davis Publishing is actively searching  for helpful information for distribution to retail outlets in Sonoma County.

   How-To Data Sheet: It's easy to make your information "fit" into the small-book format, and a Data Sheet is available to assist you. If you want to skip doing an inquirey letter, simply call 707-664-8656, and ask to talk to the Editor. 

   Quick-Read fiction stories are approximately 4,500 words long, and they must fit into the 32-page booklet format (4 1/2" x 5 1/2"). Subject matter is upbeat.
   Self-Help booklets are on topics of self-improvements and general interest, are approximately 4,500 words, and must fit into the 32-page format. "Encouragement" is the key descriptive word for these.
   Tiny-Ticklers are short, happy poems or stories that will fit into the small 8 page format (4 1/2" x 2 3/4").
   Bound Books are longer, but the topics are always going to inspire the reader to strive for a better life.

  Send inquiry letters to: Davis Publishing, P.O. Box 600, Penngrove, CA   94951. Or email artfularrangements@usa.com.

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