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                                  Fundraising for Nonprofits
   Davis Publishing has developed the Fun Fundraising Plan for nonprofits. Reviewing the following info will give a good overview of how simple fundraising can be!
                                                   (in five sections)                   

Letter of Introduction

Attn:  Fundraising Leader


Good Day:


A new decade – and a refreshing product!


Please consider my “Tiny Ticklers” Fun Fundraising Plan for any upcoming need, large or small.


I have enclosed a copy of the brochure a child would give to prospective buyer(s) – it gets torn in half to become a receipt and an order form.


I’ve also enclosed a sample ring of the Ticklers, and a copy of the proposed agreement.


I’ve been a publisher of wholesome reading materials since 2008. Please go online for more information about me and my publishing company, at www.davis-publishing.biz, or call me at (707) 664-8656.


This Plan is so local and simple it can be used for an individual group/room’s year-end party or an organization-wide effort.


Thank you for your consideration.





Diane H. Davis


Sample of Agreement

The Fun Fundraising



Organization Name____________________________________________________


    Contact Person _____________________________ Title ___________________

     Phone _____________________________________ Extension ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­______________

     Tax exempt status (or number) ­­­­­­­­­­­­_________________________________________


Product Provider:  Davis Publishing                                                    (707) 664-8656

                             P.O. Box 600                                               www.davis-publishing.biz

                             Penngrove, Ca 94951                                            Diane H. Davis


The Product:       “Guaranteed Wholesome” Tiny Ticklers (poems, short stories)


STEP ONE:        Davis Publishing provides Brochure/Order Forms with the   
   organization's name 
& purpose/mission on the front, and the
   organization’s name & end-of-
drive/delivery-week dates on the back


STEP TWO:        At the end of the drive, the organization tabulates the orders (or simply
copies), and verifies the money collected, then gives the original 
                            hard-copy O
rder Forms to Davis Publishing.


STEP THREE:    Davis Publishing fills each order, placing the Ticklers in sealed envelopes
                           (with buyer’s name and order taker’s name on the front), batching them
same as received.


STEP FOUR:     The organization receives the filled order envelopes and an invoice for
of the revenue collected.


STEP FIVE:        The organization completes the distribution. Any order-filling complaints

                           from purchasers are forwarded to Davis Publishing for resolution. 
of the invoice is due in thirty days.




*Text and dates on Brochure/Order Form will be approved by the contact person above before they are printed.



_______________________________      ________________________________
Organization Contact Person           Date         Diane H. Davis, Publisher               Date     

Front of "Brochure/Order Form/Receipt"


Fundraising ?


(It’s possible!)



No bulky wrapping paper,

or calorie-loaded candy or cookies!



Hometown Elementary School



Please support our fundraising purpose and mission.











Thanks in advance for ordering this unique product.



Inside of "Brochure/Order Form/Receipt"

Tiny Ticklers – for Enjoyment and Sharing!


What is a Tiny Tickler?

    Tiny Ticklers are 8-page booklets  (4 ¼ x 2 ¾ inches in size)

    of original, inspiring stories or poems that will bring a smile

    to your face for sure! They are fun and rewarding.

What can you do with a Tickler?

1.     Enclose one in a card or gift.

2.     Put one in someone’s lunch or on a pillow.

3.     Let your child read one to you, or to grandma or grandpa.

4.     Inspire your child to write a poem or a short story.

5.     Read them, enjoy them, pass them on – or collect them.


Prices:  $2 each, 6 for $10, all(or any) 13 for $20

(  ) The Stray - What’s a good name for a cat that shows up and hijacks food and affection?

(  ) A Walk Through the Seasons - Remember last summer? Time flies, and spring will be here soon.

(  ) Happiness on a Shoestring - Life’s wisdom softly lights the life of a single mother and her child.

(  ) Who Can Resist? - Just when you think you have enough beloved pets….

(  ) Friends and Lovers - The connection to others is the quiet strength of a loving couple.

(  ) As Luck Would Have It - A loving couple (wanting to please each other) finds an unexpected answer.

(  ) A Plan for the Future - A motivational ode – for perspective, encouragement, and motivation.

(  ) Thank You, Mother - A tribute to mothers that speaks of love – and cuts children some slack.

(  ) Don’t Tell Dad - Young brothers vie for “top position” and draw their little sister into the fray.

(  ) The Squirrel In My Tree - Watch the antics of a gray squirrel that knows you’re watching!

(  ) Truth, Trust, Love - Trusting yourself to know what is true clears the way for rewarding love.

(  ) Live and Learn - Life on the run? The ability to see the future clearly improves with age.
(  ) A Breathtaking Day - Sometimes what occurs is far better than what was sought!


Parents: Fill in the amount you paid & have the child sign and date (below).  Then tear off the order form (on the back) for the child to turn in. Ticklers are fun and attractive. Each cover is of different-colored card stock. I guarantee the subjects are wholesome!

$__________  _________    _____________________________                                       
  Amount          Date               Child’s Signature                                             

Diane H. Davis, Publisher

Back of "Brochure/Order Form/Receipt

The Fun Fundraiser

Order Form




       Child’s Name                                                                           Date


         Teacher’s Name                                                                       Room #


         School (or organization)

          ____________________                              ________________________

          End of drive                                                    Delivery week


          Name of Purchaser




          City, State, Zip




       (  ) The Stray

        (  ) A Walk Through the Seasons

        (  ) Happiness on a Shoestring

        (  ) Who Can Resist?

        (  ) Friends and Lovers

        (  ) As Luck Would Have It

        (  ) A Plan for the Future

        (  ) Thank You, Mother

        (  ) Don’t Tell Dad

        (  ) The Squirrel In My Tree

        (  ) Truth, Trust, Love

        (  ) Live and Learn 
        (  ) A Breathtaking Day

        (    )   $2 each, 6 for $10, 13 for $20           $           .00 

Post Script from the publisher:

Hi everyone!
   I stand behind any products and my "plan" - life should make you smile. I'm open to doing (class) room presentations (and readings) to help inspire the young people, and I will develop prizes if you believe that helps.



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