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Davis Publishing - A Home of Good Ideas!   

   Feel limited? Ever wonder why life seems so difficult? Davis Publishing is all about climbing up out of the fog - to where you can see new possibilities. Fun, quick and easy!

    Davis Publishing was established in 2008 in Sonoma County, California, as a voice for what is good and desirable in life, encouraging optimisim, logic and objectivity. The books are intentionally unpretentious in appearance, and written in conversational style from experience, observation, and research. All publications are wholesome.

   The Quick-Reads are insightful fiction wherein the characters model good, thoughtful behavior, in sticky situations, to reach realistic, yet surprising endings.  You'll enjoy these stories.

   The Self-Help Booklets are on self-improvement topics.  They are easy and fun - besides helping you "catch a vision" of how simple good outcomes can be!

   The Tiny Ticklers are unique, clever stories, or poems.  They will bring a smile to your face, and are easy to pass along to a friend in a card or gift, with lunch, or on a pillow.

    Bound Books are bigger - self help and insightful fiction - to help you have a full and rewarding life.

      It is our hope at Davis Publishing that you find our quick-reads, self-help booklets, tiny ticklers, and bound books enjoyable and rewarding, because life should make you smile!


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