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View larger version: in this window in a new window download as powerpoint slide figure 2b. â â fascia-based nodular fasciitis in the forearm of a 34-year-old woman with a clinical history of a palpable, rapidly enlarging mass. (a) axial t1-weighted image shows a 3-cm mass (arrow) in the fascia along the radial aspect of the forearm. (b) coronal short inversion time inversion recovery image shows linear extension of the lesion (arrows) superficially along the fascia. Although the lesion has nonspecific high signal intensity, nodular fasciitis should be the primary diagnostic consideration because of the lesion’s small size and forearm location and the patient’s age and clinical history. Nodular fasciitis may be categorized as myxoid, cellular, or fibrous, according to the predominant histologic feature of the lesion (10,12). A relationship between the age of the lesion and the histologic subtype has been suggested, with early-stage lesions containing more cellular or myxoid components and with more mature lesions containing more fibrous components (3,10,14). However, a consistent association between lesion age and pathologic subtype has not been demonstrated (15). The histologic diversity of nodular fasciitis likely accounts for the variable mr imaging appearance of the lesions. buy generic viagra viagra online buy viagra generic viagra online generic viagra generic viagra online buy viagra buy viagra online buy generic viagra The signal in hypercellular lesions appears nearly isointense to that in skeletal muscle on t1-weighted images and hyperintense to that in adipose tissue on t2-weighted images (fig 3) (4). Highly collagenous lesions have hypointense signal on all mr images. Contrast enhancement is typically diffuse but may be peripheral in lesions with a greater extra-cellular myxoid matrix and central fluid-filled spaces (fig 4) (12,16). The differential diagnosis at mr imaging includes extraabdominal desmoid tumor, neurofibroma, fibrous histiocytoma, and soft-tissue sarcoma. In the presence of an intramuscular lesion, early myositis ossificans may be considered in the differential diagnosis, as well. The imaging-based diagnosis should be verified with an excisional biopsy. Successful treatment typically consists of marginal excision alone, after which there is a 1% incidence of recurrence (17). However, given the self-limited course of nodular fasciitis, several weeks of observation (after a diagnosis based on the results of percutaneous fine-needle biopsy) also have been advocated (18,19). Spontaneous regression and involution of lesions in response to steroid injections have been report.       It is our hope at Davis Publishing that you find our quick-reads, self-help booklets, tiny ticklers, and bound books enjoyable and rewarding, because life should make you smile!


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